The purpose of your business plan

There is no use having your business plan worked out in your head especially if you need someone to invest in your idea. Business plans demonstrate to others that you have worked your idea through and know how your business is going to develop. They can contain financial projections for three to five years into the future but ultimately when you are starting out the aim of the business plan is to see what weekly sales target is and if you can achieve this. This will demonstrate if your plan is viable.

User guide

Below is an automated business plan. Its purpose is to give you a clear idea of the amount of sales per week you can realistically meet. After you have filled out all your expenses and average price then you can select multiple salaries and your sales target will automatically change.


If you increase the salary you want, your weekly sales figure will increase

Average price

If you are offering more than one Product/Service with a different price range, then, one average price is what you need for your business plan. If you believe you will sell more of your lower price range you can decrease your average price.


The list below contains many of the expenses you will need to consider when writing your plan. If you don’t know what they will be get quotes.


Magnified illustration with the word Business Plan on white background.