Learning new resources when starting your business

The key factors in your business growth will be the strength of the business plan and determination of the person who will drive it.


Experience in your business area

When financial institutions such as banks lend start-ups money they want to see what kind of training or experience you have. This is what makes the layout of every business plan, your experience then the financial projections. In practical terms it means you only have to learn the business side not how to do the job itself.

Knowledge of business

At the beginning stage of your business you will have to look at what you are really good at doing and where you might need help. You could have weaknesses in certain areas but there is nothing stopping you from up-skilling or using someone who has those skills to help you with their support. The internet is usually the first place where people visit for information and increasing there is a vast amount of help available, from finding information about companies to advertising your own.

Search Engines

Search for your product or service on ‘www.google.ie’ see who your competitors are and what prices they have set. Look at the style of their websites and what additional services/products they offer. All this will help you with your product range, prices and style of website.

Social media


‘www.facebook.com’ This website has a free business section and can provide details of Facebook customers through their adverts section. Just start the process of creating an advert for this free service.


‘www.twitter.com’ This site provides the user with access to the latest information in any business area. what’s new and the latest trends in professions, follow the experts opinions all with a simple hash tag.

You Tube

There is a vast amount of tutorials on ‘You tube’ that can show you how to use any software from Photoshop to Word press. Upload your companies promotional video.


Fill out your professional profile for this account to increase your visibility for your customers.


‘www.wix.com’ There are many affordable but professional looking website building platforms.

WordPress is free but be prepared to put a bit of time into learning how it works. There are hundreds of templates to choose from and thousands of big companies have wordpress websites.

‘gettingyourbusinessonline.ie’ Government subsidised website for as little as €25 per year.

Google Analytics

This service can be included on your website to show you who visited your website, which pages they viewed and where they left. All valuable to improving the performance of your website.

Central Statistics Office

‘www.cso.ie’ provides unlimited data on national trends.

Company checks

‘www.cro.ie’ The Company Registration Office can show you if your future customers have submitted their last year returns. (If they haven’t paid the Revenue where will your invoices go?). If you want to trade under a business name as a sole trader they also provide that service. This will enable you to open a business bank account under that name and get a .ie domain name.

‘www.duedil.ie’ can provide you with information on company directors and what other company boards they are on.


‘www.ros.ie’ The revenue on-line service for submitting your tax returns on-line.