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Our Premium Membership gives you access to a wide range of topics to help you in many aspects of starting and successfully running your business in Ireland.

Here is a summary of the content you can access as a premium Member of Irishsoletraders.ie

Funding Support

Funding support

Our members only funding and support section gives you information on the financial support and funding available for small businesses in Ireland.



Starting a small business in Ireland can be challenging and one of the major areas of concern is paying taxes. Our members portal gives you access to information on all tax matters concerning small business in Ireland.

Business Plan

Business Plan

Your business plan is the single most important document you need to prepare as you start your own business. As a premium member you will be provided with tools that help you prepare an effective business plan.

Business documents

Business Documents

Business documents are the basis of everyday commerce and can take new start ups a while to build up theirs. We give you a head start with the most common business documents available to download.

Business website


Business websites are a must for all new businesses but can cost a small fortune for a new start up. We help you understand what to focus on and what to avoid when building or updating your business website.





If you are considering operating a business from home or leasing a premises, we look at all aspects from trading licences to Capital gains tax  providing you with all the information to see which is best for your business.

Debt collection

Debt Collection

Getting paid is the most vital part of running a successful business. What is the procedure if you don’t? and what are the best systems to put in place to make sure you get paid?

Intellectual property

Intellectual Property

Increasingly intellectual property is becoming a feature for small businesses. Need to build a website then photographs and written content will all fall under copyright. Have a great new product then you may need to consider the possibility of getting a patent.

Consumer law

Consumer law

When you are directly selling a product or service to the public you will need to be fully compliant with the laws that protect the consumer. It’s best to know them now when you are starting and make them a core value of your business.


Sub Contracting

Sub-contracting has become a major area of concern for sole traders especially in the construction industry. Knowing if tax has been submitted by your main contractor and if VAT should be charged.

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